Citrong Team is a snack product brand as a result of the Village Concept Project (VCP): Genteng Bagja by IAAS LC Unpad. This year is the 5th year that Citrong is managed by IAAS LC Unpad and KWT Mentari to increase the added value of eggplant commodities. Citrong is the hope for Mentari KWT to encourage an entrepreneurial spirit.

The work program carried out by the Citrong Team IAAS LC Unpad consists of 2 activities, namely the Citrong Development Program and the Citrong Goes to Competition.

Citrong Development Programme
Consist of Citrong Basic Training, Citrong Goes to Genteng, and Webinar Series.
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Citrong Goes To Competition
Internal Coaching with the theme “Get to Know All About Business Plan Competition” is one of the work programs of Citrong IAAS LC Unpad. Internal Coaching was held twice using the Zoom Meeting platform and invited external speakers from IAAS LC Unpad who are competent in the fields of Business Model Canvas (BMC) and Pitching Desk.
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