1. Cirong Basic Training

This training is conducted online through an online platform where the target activities are Internal IAAS LC Unpad and members of KWT Mentari. Citrong basic training (CBT) aims to provide material briefing to Mentari KWT in order to maximize their business management capabilities for Citrong products. In addition to theory, CBT activities also provide applied knowledge to understand product concepts, brands, and communication models to support business sustainability.

2. Citrong Goes to Genteng

This activity was carried out in the Tile Village which aims to establish a relationship as well as discuss the results of the Citrong basic training activities and the problems faced by Mentari KWT members. In addition, there will be procurement of new goods to fulfill one of the requirements for the PIRT submission so that it can meet the PIRT standard.

3. Webinar Series

The Webinar Series aims to provide education to the Citrong team and seminar participants so that they can improve and optimize marketing through digital media so that they can reach target customers more efficiently and effectively.

  • Improve the ability of Mentari KWT in Genteng Village to be more independent in managing agricultural products and entrepreneurship;
  • Increase the productivity of Mentari KWT in Genteng Village in the production and marketing process to achieve stable sales.
  • Develop Citrong to become a highly competitive product;
  • Expanding the marketing process for Citrong products;
  • Implementing one of the Tri Dharma College points, namely community service which concentrates on agriculture and the environment;
  • As a tangible manifestation of the contribution of IAAS LC Unpad to the community in agricultural development.