Internal Coaching with the theme “Get to Know All About Business Plan Competition” is one of the work programs of Citrong IAAS LC Unpad. Internal Coaching was held twice using the Zoom Meeting platform and invited external speakers from IAAS LC Unpad who are competent in the fields of Business Model Canvas (BMC) and Pitching Desk.

Internal Coaching is a place for the Citrong Team to learn material about business proposals, Business Model Canvas, and Pitching Desks as well as prepare the Citrong Team to take part in business competitions.

  • Assisting Citrong team members in understanding and developing entrepreneurial skills;
  • Provide motivation and provide a place to innovate for students as business designers;
  • Increasing the existence and expanding the market for Citrong IAAS LC Unpad products;
  • Introducing Citrong not only as a product of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), but also as a product with a myriad of achievements.