Expronas is a work program from IAAS Indonesia that offers opportunities for all students to experience, learn, and gain work experience in agriculture which can be felt directly through direct field practice (internships), this work program works in collaboration with all local committees under the auspices of IAAS Indonesia.

With this program, both agricultural and non-agricultural students get the opportunity for some time to gain experience, make adjustments between theory and practice in the science studied at the place, besides that students can build relationships with other students, as well as build relationships with the providers of the activities. this is going on.

  • Provide hosting place for National Exchange Program participants at the Local Committee (LC) level;
  • Maintain good relations and communication with hosting providers around the Local Committee (LC);
  • Organizing supervision coordination both in terms of program and in terms of education on the implementation of the National Exchange Program at the Local Committee (LC) level;
  • Implementing one of the Catur Dharma points of higher education, namely community service which concentrates on the agricultural, environmental and education sectors.