1. Fundraising Through Social Media

Fundraising is done through a poster leaflet design containing fundraising that will be carried out to selected communities distributed using social media on 27 March 2022 to 23 April 2022. Fundraising through social media is creatively packaged to attract the attention of the general public to be interested in becoming donors for Donaction 2022 .

2. Charity Webinar About Tropics Trend

Charity webinar on Tropical Trends will be held on Sunday, April 9, 2022 which is open to the general public. This charity webinar carries topics that are currently being discussed and has a broad target audience to broaden the scope of listeners and followers of the webinar.

3. Distribution of Boxed Rice and Takjil

The distribution of iftar menus such as boxed rice and takjil which will be distributed by the Donaction committee to the community around the highway with the aim of sharing and promoting ongoing fundraising.

4. Giving Donation Proceeds and Materials for “The Carbon Rush” to the selected orphanage

The highlight of the Donaction 2022 event was the presentation of material on “The Carbon Rush” as well as educational and fun games about what a carbon footprint is, what its impact is, and how to reduce its negative impact through agricultural cultivation to support a healthy environment and reduce global warming. In addition, the proceeds from the donations that have been obtained will be given to selected orphanages. This activity is also the closing of the Donaction 2022 activity.

  • Carry out activities that have an impact on the community through the distribution of assistance in the form of goods or funds;
  • Increase awareness of caring for others through webinars and fundraising activities;
  • Education about carbon, agriculture, a healthy environment and reducing global warming;
  • Facilitate donors to channel aid or donations to the community.