1. Opening Village Concept Project 2022

At the opening of the Village Concept Project 2022 activity, the VCP committee will visit the Cinanjung village to explain the program that will be implemented by the VCP to the community in Cinanjung Village during the VCP activity. The opening of the activity is carried out by observing health protocols and is carried out offline.

2. Super Team Coaching Clinic

Coaching clinic is a training activity for the VCP committee regarding branding materials and online product marketing promotions that utilize social media to expand the market which is carried out online through Zoom Cloud Meetings.

3. Coaching Clinic Super Team VCP and Visiting “Rumah Edukasi”

VCP committee training activities on the integration of agriculture and fisheries systems through aquaponics and optimizing the use of waste management tools and machines, which are held offline, which are manifested in the implementation of webinars or online by visiting educational houses that have expertise in aquaponics and waste management.

4. Visiting KWT Malati Asih and RW 05’s Inhabitants

Visited KWT Malati Asih to provide training on marketing optimization through social media, production management, and education regarding registration for PIRT and Halal certification. After that, the activity was continued by bringing in experts on waste management equipment and machines to the residents of RW 05 Cinanjung Village who really needed skills in mastering waste management tools and machines.

5. Visiting KWT Malati Asih

Visiting Malati Asih KWT offline by providing education and application, benefits and installation of aquaponics as a concrete effort to realize the integration of agriculture and fisheries.

  • Prepare social media marketing and manage production management to increase the marketing productivity of the Chinese village community’s agricultural products;
  • Increase knowledge about aquaponics in agriculture and fisheries systems;
  • Education on the mastery of waste management tools and machines;
  • Prepare documents for PIRT and Halal certification registration.